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Re: Tweed Deluxe-x-tra Speaker Jack

6/22/1998 9:16 PM
Steve, again
Re: Tweed Deluxe-x-tra Speaker Jack
    A thread on the same subject over in Guitar Amps-General suggested using a cap to shave off some of the high frequenciess as an inexpensive speaker simulator circuit. Any idea what values would be good to try? I guess you could use a rotary switch to select between different caps (or none at all).  
    I like the idea of putting this in a separate box rather than clutter up the chassises of all of your amps with this circuitry. In case you want to play 2 amps simultaneously (like Michael Anthony with his double guitar), just make up a second box...  
Steve Ahola

Doc Sorry, Steve. I don't have any expe... -- 6/23/1998 10:47 AM