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Re: Fender Tube Revevb

5/17/1998 4:11 PM
Steve F
Re: Fender Tube Revevb
Hi, Bruce,  
Yep, that's what I used. I'm not proud of it, but it's true. (I knew I shouldn't have admitted that "in public"!)  
I knew the impedance was way out of whack but tried it anyway - it has worked well for the last year or so, so I've not bothered to change it out. Probably I should do that - as soon as I finish my "Soulkickers" and the several other projects my fevered brain has rattling around in there.  
I didn't mean to suggest that I thought this was a good idea, I just happened to have gotten away with it, at least for now. If nothing else, it demonstrates the forgiving nature of tube technology.  
Actually the unit has two output transformers,  
the 22k/8 and a 4k/8 which drives a speaker, and you can select which one you want with a switch. If I'd been thinking more clearly I'd just have abandoned the 22k and used the 4k for both functions. In the immortal words of  
Percy Kilbride, "Gonna have to fix that one of  
these days..."  
Regards, Steve

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