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Re: Fender Patents Tube Clipper

3/21/1998 11:37 AM
Jack Orman
Re: Fender Patents Tube Clipper
Don't sweat it. (1) It is commonly accepted that you can make objects described in patents for personal use, and (2) Prior art makes this patent invalid and unenforceable. Also since it is a concept that is obvious to someone "skilled in the art" of effects design, that further lends to the position that it is invalid. Same goes for the Gibson patent on using opto-isolators for gain stage switching.  
It just shows you how corporate minds work: grab an idea (even if it's not your own) and lay claim to it to the detriment of the music community. If it were a truly unique idea (and their own) I'm sure we would all applaud their concept and respect the patent. As it is, I can hear you laughing...  
Maybe I ought to patent the FET Muff.  
regards, Jack

R.G. >Maybe I ought to patent the FET Mu... -- 3/21/1998 4:53 PM