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Sources for 2W-5W Carbon Comp. Resistors?

2/20/1998 8:03 AM
Erik M. Wood
Sources for 2W-5W Carbon Comp. Resistors?
Hey, folks. Does anyone out there know of a company or distributor/supply house that has cheap 2W and 5W Carbon composition resistors? I would like to buy a slew of them of different values for tube amp experimentation. From what I understand, these are the resistors of choice for that classic tube sound. Any leads would be greatly appreciated.  
I just can't see buying from Allied or Mouser at their prices. I dunno, maybe they're the best deal around, but I would like to know if anyone knows of a "secret special source".  
My amps and I thank you.  

Doc Unless I just haven't come across t... -- 2/24/1998 1:50 PM