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Re: Need some help ID'ing a tube...

2/11/1998 7:17 AM
Re: Need some help ID'ing a tube...
This tube's usual home is in a TV set, as a mixer/oscillator in the VHF tuner section.  
It's a dual section tube, triode & pentode. The US equivalent is 6HG8. It can probably be used as a replacement (socket rewire for this) for a 7199 in an audio amp, but I've never tried it. You can try to use the pentode section, but it's characteristics are different than the EF86. The triode section has a gain like a 12AU7, but doesn't have the high current capability.  
Many tubes built for high frequency stuff don't sound good in an audio circuit. In fact many of them can be microphonic, which has very little effect on operation in their intended use.