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1-watt tube amp for small apartment

1/31/1998 2:50 AM
Stephen Delft
1-watt tube amp for small apartment
I don't have a web site set up yet, but I've posted a quirky 1-watt tube amp on the  
'Amps'n More" site, if you'd like to take a look.  
Select 'bulletin boards' then 'amps'  
then look for Musicworks 'Moonlight' Amp  
There's a schematic gif, and a following posting with some notes.  
Same Pre and PI also does a fine job of driving  
6V6, 6L6, etc...but that's another story....:-)  
Happy New Year, from The Phantom Kiwi

Whit Stephen, Nice design. I li... -- 1/31/1998 7:50 AM