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Re: Bogen Amplifier

1/24/1998 5:22 PM
Michael Tousek
Re: Bogen Amplifier
Yeah, the old stuff really does have a unique appeal to it. I used to own a 1951 Chevrolet pickup truck, and sometimes I'd just sit in the cab and bask in its ancient glory. It had an all-steel dash, a wooden bed, and a massive grill made of THICK chrome crossbars -- stuff you just don't see anymore. This Bogen amp radiates that same glow of "craftedness". And, you have to remember that both of these things were mass-produced.  
The octal/miniature preamp tube issue has definitely been the sticking point of this project. Maybe I'll start with the octal tubes (since they're there) and sub in miniatures stage by stage if I'm not satisfied with the octals' sound (it'd definitely be an interesting expirement).  
None of the controls are push-pull. This Bogen has a 500K volume, 250k treble and bass, and a three-position rotary input select switch. I'm thinking of having a few cathode bypass cap values selectable with the switch. If I don't include the tremolo circuit, then I'll have another whole tube available for a second channel -- this is something else I'm debating.  
Is there any sort of concensus on how the octal preamp tubes sound? I know the wide-panel Fenders used these, but I've never had the fortune of playing through a wide-panel Fender. What are the octal tubes' gain characteristics like?  
Michael Tousek

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