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DIY Champ questions

12/10/1997 6:21 AM
DIY Champ questions
Hi there,  
I am thinking of building a hot-rod Champ. I want to use one of the power transformers I still have lying around. This transformer delivers 230 V under load, so after solid state rectification I will end up at 280-300 Volts DC. Is this enough to make a single 6v6 sound real dirty ? Champs usually run at 350 V DC.  
One of the mods I'd like to try is to built in a switch between te volume pot and the tone stack that allows you to select the signal from the tonestack or the signal from a 'tonestrack bypass capacitor' (22nF) that is connected to the plate of the first 12ax7 stage. I guess this makes things sound real tweed and hot because the tonestack won't reduce the signal  
Is this a wise thing to do ? Has anybody tried something like this ?  
Regards, Niek

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