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Re: Multi-section cap question

12/9/1997 8:51 AM
Re: Multi-section cap question
R.G., (and anyone else)  
Where did you gain your wisdom re.  
power supplies, or more specifically  
where would I gain wisdom on power supplies.  
I really want to understand what's going on,  
and am not afraid to read aything. But I'm  
too old to go back to college.  
I'd ultimately want the ability to understand  
"second order effect of the time constant of  
the power supply sag...", but initially I'd  
be happy being able to select resistor/cap  
values in a typical rectifier/choke/cap/etc.  
circuit in guitar amps.  
I'm dancing all around it, with RC time  
constants, Ohms law, voltage divider formulas,  
and a few informative, but incomplete, bits  
of text.  
Is there a definative read?  
... Whit

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