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Caps and Speakers in Super Reverb

12/3/1997 6:52 PM
MatthewCaps and Speakers in Super Reverb
I just purchased a 1976 Super Reverb that pushes tone heaven. I used to preach the "twin twelve" gospel, but have just found the light. I will be "blackfacing" it in the new year and would like to know if I should change the filter caps even if I'm not having any problems with the amp. What do old caps do to the quality of the sound? Are they changed just because they are old (crystalized) and MAY cause trouble in the future?  
Also, the amp came with stock Eminence speakers (67-7601). Are they ceramic(they have small magnets)? Do you have any opinions regarding these speakers? They sure sound better than some others (Utah's) I've had in other SF Fender amps.  
Any opinions are welcomed.

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