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CHEAP...6V6gta,6AQ5a,12at7 HI-V filter caps!

12/3/1997 9:36 AM
CHEAP...6V6gta,6AQ5a,12at7 HI-V filter caps!
I ran into a nice big hand full of NEW Beam power tubes....NOS 6AQ5As and NEW Russian 6V6GTAs.......  
(and old U.S. 12AT7s/12AX7s... good but some new and some used).  
Similar in characteristics of a 6V6 output tube,  
the 6AQ5A is a 9 pin 12 watt pentode but has a lower plate impedance. Looks a little like a skinny 6BQ5/EL84 tube.  
Also a small pile of 6CA4 rectifier tubes too.  
The Mallory caps are the older axial leads, pale blue vinyl covered ones ... 100uF@350 volts. They look like samll Sprague Atom caps. About 3/4 in dia and maybe 2 in long.  
I'd like to pick the whole lot up because I can get them pretty cheap if I get all of it!!  
I am guessing the caps should be around $1.50 each and the tubes should be around $2.00 to $3.00 each...  
I need to know ASAP if anyone else is interested...  
I certainly can't use all of this  
Good stuff for your junk box and those rainy days homebrew projects!  

Pat Freuler Bruce - I would be interested in so... -- 12/3/1997 2:32 PM