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Re: AC30 sound. What should I build?

11/13/1997 4:42 AM
Dave Harris
Re: AC30 sound. What should I build?
Hi Colin,  
Is that AC30 sparkle you are hearing coming from the Top Boost channel ? If so you may not get it by connecting the JMP-1 to an AC30 output stage. The Top Boost pre-amp has a lot of bass cut and a "bright" cap across the vol pot. Try the JMP-1 into the AC30 Normal channel which has a flat frequency response. If you can get the sparkle with that set up then build the AC30 output stages.  
Still working on those OTs I see. Express Transformers made me an AC30 OT for 25 pounds UK but I just use it as a paper weight. If I ever get any spare time I will try it out.  

simon Hi DaveAre Express Transfor... -- 12/2/1997 9:36 AM