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Re: Tube Hi-Fi Amps - worthwhile?

11/11/1997 4:18 PM
Erik M. Wood
Re: Tube Hi-Fi Amps - worthwhile?
GO FOR IT!!!!  
Lemme tell you man, I wouldn't have known that there was any real difference between an old tube HI-FI and my Sherwood/Kenwood/Technics/crappy speaker setup until I tried it. I was blessed by the windfall of a Dynaco ST 70 from some old guy who was leaving his New York apartment of 20+ years. He didn't want to lug it or the matching preamp (PAS 2) and speakers (Karlson kit built thingies from the 40's, the size of my refrigerator) with him to the nursing home, so he just gave them to me. Anyway, I immediately hooked my cd player up to the power amp and my crappy speakers (not the Karlsons), and gave it a dubious try. I was blown away! The punch, dynamics and sweetness of the music which had been lost (presumably by the evil Digital and Transistor demons) came back, and this was from an original *stock* ST 70 (wimpy power supply, old, out of spec components et al.)!  
Anyway, my advice... Do it. You won't be disappointed.  
P.S. Just wait 'til I install the upgrade kit I purchased for the Power amp from Welborne Labs. Then it's gonna really smoke.