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Tube Hi-Fi Amps - worthwhile?

11/11/1997 1:58 PM
Mike D.
Tube Hi-Fi Amps - worthwhile?
Has anyone tried a tube hi-fi amp with run of the mill 2 and 3 way bookshelf speakers like Polk Audio, Cervin Vega, Sansui, etc. Would I notice much of a difference with such pedestrian speakers? I'm presently running a common Kenwood 60 watt/ch receiver. Like many guitar players, I have a very "modest" stereo system (all our money goes to guitars, amps, effects, mixers, microphones, PA, etc). I'd like to dabble with tube hi-fi, maybe pick up an old Dynaco ST70 for 3 or 4 hundred bucks, but I'm not about to shell out $6000 for a pair of Quad ESL63 speakers or anything like that. Most of the hi-fi guys are biased toward classical music and I prefer music with electric guitars, bass and drums. The hi-fi guys also like to spend outrageous amounts of money and I'm looking for a reasonable price/performance ratio.  
What do you think?  
"Go for it, it sounds great, even with your crappy speakers", or,  
"don't waste your time, buy more guitars instead"  

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