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OT question...

11/10/1997 5:17 PM
Erik M. Wood
OT question...
Hi there, I was reading through a posting by Andre Jute about one of the ways to significantly improve a tube power amp by upgrading your output transformers. He says:  
"Now having given you a tour of an entire philosophy, it does seem to me that someone who has designed an amp and built it carefully and found it good, has his head screwed on right when, as the next step after replacing the noisy electrolytics (if any), he decides that the most dramatic improvement in noise reduction and, positively, in the smoothness of the response, will be found with a higher load on the output valve. Of course, having found a new margin of resolution by decreasing the THD, every other component becomes more audible and must be improved for a new balance!"  
That being quoted, just what does a "higher load on the output valve" mean?  

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