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previous: Pat Steve - I'm glad to hear your EF86 ... -- 10/29/1997 5:57 AM View Thread

Re: EF86 rules, EF86 rules!!!

10/29/1997 8:02 AM
Steve KRe: EF86 rules, EF86 rules!!!
Hi Pat,, I'm not sure but I do remember  
getting some good feedback from the  
fellow from Holland I think, Yves I  
believe was his name. Sorry if I have  
that wrong but I can't locate the mail  
I saved from him. Sounded like he did  
quite abit of experimenting with this  
tube and I would love to have some of  
the values he came up with. I'll  
eventually start tweaking values on  
this myself but need to do my homework  
first to know and understand exactly  
what the hell I'm doing.... Besides,  
I'm having too much fun with this amp  
now to take it apart again anytime  
soon... I simply can't believe I  
havn't heard or seen more things done  
with this tube in the guitar amp  
world. Maybe it won't last. Maybe  
other problems will show up later,  
but I know I'm now hooked on using  
it so I'll do whatever it takes to  
keep using it...  
Steve K

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