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Re: Do elecrolytic caps radiate?

10/24/1997 10:51 AM
Steve KRe: Do elecrolytic caps radiate?
Thanks John,, The fact that the top  
boost channel is quiet and the  
normal and EF86 channels arn't is  
whats making this tough. I thought  
it would be more apparent a problem  
like filtering or such. The filament  
wires are wound tight together and  
raised up like a draw bridge away  
from the other wires per Bruce's  
suggestion. I also used 2-100 ohm  
1% res. between the two leads and  
ground with a seperate run to each  
tube. I guess I'll try removing the  
100 resistors to see if that has  
anything to do with it... I'll also  
try moving the trans physicaly around  
to see if that helps... Oh well,  
the top boost channel still sounds  
great though.  
Has anyone tried removing the 100pf  
cap off of the volume pot?? Someone  
suggested that on this list and I'm  
curious what anyone thinks about that.  
I'll try it for sure....  
Thanks again,,,  
Steve K

John Greene I'll tell you right now, I had to t... -- 10/24/1997 11:48 AM