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Re: SS tube power amp emulation

9/27/1997 6:21 PM
Jack Orman
Re: SS tube power amp emulation
The common MOSFETs, IRF511 etc., are enhancement mode devices. The key to getting the MOSFETs to sound like tubes is to use depletion mode devices. I have several on my work bench that I plan to drive with a high V+, 250-300v, and see if I can get some tube sound.  
Let's see, if I remember correctly, the higher the gate bias voltage required for turn on, the longer the linear part of the channel will be, which I think will give you a longer region to make the turn-on (ie: soft clip).  
Also, I'm designing an FET Big Muff... should be interesting.  

M. Helin That's interesting, what type numbe... -- 9/30/1997 2:01 AM