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7199 substitute

9/24/1997 9:00 PM
7199 substitute
Has anyone tried a 6GH8 as a sub for a 7199? If you have, are/were there any problems? I've got a chassis froma Kay bass amp, a weak 7199 and a bunch of 6GH8's I'd like to try if it's worth the rewire...TIA for any comments

Ken Lewellen I haven't used a 6GH8 but I ha... -- 9/25/1997 3:39 AM
R.G. The hifi community uses 6AN8, 6GH8,... -- 9/25/1997 6:08 AM
Steve M. Marc,I've done this mod to ... -- 9/25/1997 9:02 AM
James I tried this mod on an old Dynaco a... -- 9/25/1997 9:14 AM