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Re: EL84 amps

9/24/1997 5:32 AM
Steve Keay
Re: EL84 amps
Hi John,,, I have experimented  
with different preamp tubes in  
several different amps and its  
a hit or miss situation. Seems  
to work out for me better in  
some amps than in others. Right  
now I use a 12au7 in the first  
gain stage of my Princeton amp  
and love it. It matches up well  
with that amp and the OD pedals  
I use with it better than the  
stock 12ax7. Try it. Also try it  
in different stages too. Might  
find something you like better.  
It is just the gain factor that  
you are tweaking. You can dig  
around this web site for the  
gain of all the different tubes.  
As far as the DIY project you  
mentioned, I am a newbee to this  
DIY thing so I'm not qualified  
to comment on that. I'm not  
familiar with the Hilgen amps.  
There are probably some  
"adjustments" you can make to  
your Peavey amp to get more head  
room (like swapping out preamp  
tubes) but the EL84 is by nature  
a dirty, raunchy, Marshally type  
tube so it will be tough to get  
the Fendery type "shimmer" I  
think you are refering to.  
Another option would be to rebuild  
the amp with 6v6's. I believe  
your transformers and such would  
be a decent match for them. It  
would involve research and work  
but would be cheaper than buying  
a second amp. Jim Kelley amps  
that I've checked out in the past  
used 4 6v6's I think and those  
are some sweet sounding amps!!!  
Lets not forget that Jimmy Page  
used this little tiny amp (Supra  
I think) to get the monstorous  
sized tone on that classic first  
Zepplin album. I think the Supra  
amp used little 6v6's also. Its  
a great tube...  
Best luck with it...  
Steve K