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Gibson P90 poles spacing

6/2/2006 2:26 PM
EtLa Gibson P90 poles spacing
I just wondering what is the Gibson poles spacing i dont have one in hand. I'm alittle bit confuse because a customer told me that my P90 doesn't fit in is Seymour P90's covers  
in Jason book 2.039 total pole spacing  
allparts covers 1.975  
SD covers 1.937
6/2/2006 2:29 PM
There are some P-90's with different spacing for bridge vs neck, and it wouldn't surprise me if Seymor's were "proprietary" spacing. Dogear P-90's are usually spaced differently bridge/vs neck. (50/52mm)
6/2/2006 2:44 PM
oupps i made a mistakein Jason book spacing is 2.030 not 2.039  
Hi SK thx for the answer but i wonder if allparts soapbar covers have the same spacing as the Gibson one?  
by the way i have the chance to look (not ear) at Jason P-90 set about a couple of month ago in a luthers shop in Montreal very well made ;) hey! i like mine too hihi
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