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Lacquering Bobbins

4/25/2006 1:17 AM
Hummer Lacquering Bobbins
Mine look messy when I lacquer with nitro and a brush. After potting they just don't have that super clean and shiney look that some bigger makers get. Any hints?  
Da Hummer
4/25/2006 12:50 AM

Dunk 'em and hang 'em up...  
4/25/2006 8:32 AM
Mark Hammer

Are you sure that's a good idea? Lacquered coils look nice, but they're brittle.
4/25/2006 11:46 AM

Why don't you spray them. Laquer in an aerosol is readily available.
4/25/2006 8:44 PM
Will try the dunk next time, thnks!
4/26/2006 7:14 PM
You could also use a rechargable aerosol such as a Preval , these can be very handy for small jobs,  
4/26/2006 11:02 PM
I tried a couple of dunk, and it works fine, but the poles can come out a little messy - especially after a cover has been put on and taken off a few times. Masking off the poles seems excessive but I'll give them a wipe with a tissue just after the dunk to clean them up. Handmade still rules it seems, so many little things!

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