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Anybody have the specs for 69 strat pickups

4/9/2006 6:45 AM
snooker Anybody have the specs for 69 strat pickups
and why they are so much different than say a 62 besides the wire type. The 69's seem to be a popular tone although I have never had a set of real ones or a reissue set. Any comments on this are very welcomed.
4/9/2006 10:49 AM
snooker Testing, Testing. Is this thing on? Anyone??
4/9/2006 12:28 PM
the set we had at work to test with was 6.5k- 6.9k  
it was a 74'
4/9/2006 3:35 PM
Mickey Boy
You could try the fender website too , they do the 69 set ( I think thats what its called) they might be similar specs ,  
4/9/2006 3:47 PM
Mickey Boy
Also , were the fender pickups machine wound in 69 and hand wound in 62? as for the popularity , having never measured a set and I'm guessing/speculating? here , could it be the Hendrix connection? I mean , he made a strat sound Huge ,  
4/9/2006 6:50 PM
Dave Stephens
Fender's site says 5.8K all positions, 2.2 Henries. Don't believe everything you read on Fender's pickups, most of their reissue pickups are modern interpretations. Anything before '65 was hand wound, after was machine. Abagail ybarra supposedly wound those pickups in his black '69 strat, supposedly he used 9 gauge srings on that guitar which still has his strings on it. '69 seems to be missing in most info I have or have seen.....
4/9/2006 7:29 PM
Hi Dave, yes I saw those specs on fenders site also, I dont beleive they are all the same specs?? They only list the one spec leading people to beleive they are all the same. Jason is the resident expert of sorts, I say this only because i'm sure he has seen a real set or 2 in his many years of doing this. How bout it Jason, any thoughts or specs maybe?? Thanks.
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