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Hotter wind on screw coil

4/1/2006 5:15 PM
Mickey Boy Hotter wind on screw coil
I seem to remember a discussion a while back concerning why the screw coil on the older humbuckers was wound hotter , I had a bit of a think about this , is it possible that the slugs , being fatter than the screws transfer more of the magnetic field so the screw coil was wound hotter to compensate for this? I did a test where I checked the gauss of a magnet through both the screw and through a slug , from memory there was around 15% difference in strength , the slug being the stronger of the two , anyone else got any thoughts on this?  
4/2/2006 12:49 PM

I always thought that the slug coil was generally wound hotter...
4/2/2006 12:48 PM
Mickey Boy
Ah , so when I mismatch the coils on my humbuckers I should be winding the slug coil more , and not the screw coil?  
4/2/2006 1:38 PM

I'm not sure how much it really matters but that is the way that I've always done it. Of course I thought that was the "normal" way...maybe I've been doing it "wrong" all this time ;-) I figure it all depends on what sounds better to you (or your customer).
4/3/2006 3:45 AM
Mickey Boy
Fair comments stan , anyone else care to make a contribution ? hello , is this the pickup forum? , C'mon , I know you are in there , are we just going to let it go , come back guys,  
4/3/2006 6:07 PM
FWIW, I think the slug coil is hotter because of the magnetic field would be stronger, so to match the slug coil output it would make sense to overwind the screw coil. Am I wrong?
4/3/2006 6:20 PM
Mickey Boy
Thats what we are asking Roscoe , and thats the point I was trying to make , I'm along the same lines as you with it in thinking it would be the screw coil , because the screw transfers less than the slug , but as stan pointed out , if it sounds better the other way for you or your customer then thats the way for that pickup/person to go , anybody know for sure? , Oh , I get it , its a secret. as for right and wrong , no such thing mate , if it works for you , go for it, anything else is just someone else's opinion on it ,  

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