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Re: Hotter wind on screw coil

4/30/2006 2:54 AM
Re: Hotter wind on screw coil
My feeling from the one's I've been able to examine is that they were handwound right up until the bean counters got in on the act. Let's remember, the detrimental effects of a machine wound coil were not really known.  
Which side, slug side or pole side was wound the hotter? There's no eveidence to support a theory that either side was regarded as being the one to make the hotter side. That practice didn't appear until the advent of the coil tap.  
If you think about it, anyone winding a pickup could only be mismatching the coils by deliberate policy or by not using a counter. If all you had to do all day is wind humbucker bobbins on a pretty basic machine in a fairly boring environment with a target for the day, would you get to the stage where you just start doing your own thing.  
Years ago I did some work at a factory where the guys making sponge cake had changed the recipe with no authority and nobody knew. The product was excellent by happy coincidence rather than by design. Instead of using weighing scales, they were just using a scoop as a standard unit.  
This kind of un-noticed behaviour in the workplace does turn up these mysteries years later that people seem unable to explain.
4/30/2006 3:21 AM
Which is probably why some sound great , some average and some crap , anybody actually heard them straight into an amp without pedals/effects etc , or the sound coming at you through a stereo system ? what did you think of them ?  
4/30/2006 6:07 AM
Blade Runner
Mick thats a great question. All we have are these 60s rockers with loud distorted amps and the new effects that came into being, so we very rarely get to hear what the pickup actually sounds like. Thats one issue I have with some pickup makers who specialize in humbucers who put up sound clips, the sound clips are monster distortion, loud volume etc. I can't tell what the pickups actually sound like, but then again, that world is a bit out of my territory, though I'm trying to get a grasp on some of it.  
Here's a clue in a recording of one of my favorite guitar player/writer/vocalists, Chris Cain. I made this recording with his permission, he plays an 80s 335 but Joe Pass or some big jazz guy gave him a set of PAFs to replace the ones that were originally in it that Chris didnt like because they squealed. Chris plays only the neck pickup through a Music Macn 112 Hybrid amp with bass all the way of and treble all the way up and amp up pretty loud. This tone is why I even considered getting into making humbuckers and this is one of my target tones I shoot for and have managed to score. Chris Cain is worth going to see if you ever get a chance.....Enjoy:
4/30/2006 8:24 AM
Best example of great playing, no effects, paf pickup I can think of is Dwayne Allman with the Allman Brothers band, live at the Filmore. You can hear all you need to hear to know that was a great paf with a great player behind it.
4/30/2006 3:01 PM
Did they go through a mixing desk back in those days too?
4/30/2006 2:35 PM
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