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Re: User names and anonymity....

1/16/2006 12:52 AM
Mark Hammer
Re: User names and anonymity....
I heard an interview with Stewart Brand a couple of years ago in which he pointed out that when he started the first on-line community (The Well, in the San Francisco area) at the dawn of the net, he insisted on people using their real names when posting. His rationale was that people would only say the truth if untruths could be pinned on them. He also felt it would facilitate politeness since people could be held to account for what they said. Stewart is a pretty interesting guy. You read more about him here:  
I can see where someone who did not want to be associated with an "official" stance/viewpoint would prefer to use a handle, and I suppose there can be "famous" people who would like the luxury of lurking and posting without fear of a flood of e-mail, but my own preference is to be who I am ALL the time. I have never used anything other than my own real name, and generally try to make a point of including my e-mail address. I'm not by nature a vindictive or spiteful person, but I think adhering to this policy on a personal basis has made it possible to continue to be respected for my level-headedness - because it helps!  
Use of handles is something that I'm not radically opposed to but I have to tell you that I find it disconcerting to refer to some folks by their handles in replies. Some handles are easy to wok with grammatically, and some are just a real bugger to be able to put together a coherent sentence when you want to discuss how person A responded to person B's comments or problem.
1/16/2006 2:30 AM
It would be interesting to survey the reasons why persons use an alias in this forum. I'm sure their are many, including the ones Mark has mentioned.  
With regard to posting an email address, my particular reason for refraining may be completely unfounded, but here it is: Not long ago, I had to get a new email address after being rather liberal with use of the old one. Progressively, my mailbox began to fill up with useless, unsolicited and often offensive material. I didn't know where it was coming from, or how these various senders got it.  
When I got the new address, I protected it fiercely and have not had ONE spam email ever since. So, yes, I have been a bit gun-shy about posting it in a public forum, but be assured I'd be willing to share it with those individuals I've been fortunate to become acquainted with through this forum. (Strangers are another matter)  
But, one other point: I have no illusions about my importance here. In the hand-wound pickup business, I am nobody, not even on the radar. Why anyone would want to email me is a question I could not answer.
1/16/2006 2:44 AM
Dave Stephens
alot of good food for thought here. Maybe I could just use DS and you all know who I am. The point isn't to be invisible to you guys, the point is not using my full name is kind of insurance. I would like to hear from those who post under user names why they chose to do that, I'm still sitting on the fence about doing this. maybe I am just being too paranoid, but what happened to Ben is something I've worried about, not because I treat customers badly, (shit, I've been on Ebay since they started and still have 100% feedback rating and have sold alot of stuff there), but because of the crazy people that DO exist and aren't all that rare.  
If your email address is posted ANYWHERE including this forum , spammers use search techniques that find them, probably using the @ symbol which is a dead giveaway. I have had the same email address for 11 years now so I get huge amounts of spam, but also no one loses track of me either. I find it annoying that my parents and brother change their email address every other month so I lose track of them.....
1/16/2006 5:01 AM
but dave,  
you do post under the name "Blue Suede" on the tele forum, aimlessly trying to plug your own product.  
I can't believe that you have any unresolved issues re: pseudonyms!!  
1/16/2006 6:50 AM
Greg Simon
Now whether he posts there or not under that name, that just isn't nice calling him out about it here, and then not posting with your own name. Whatever happened to people having personal ethics anyway?  
1/16/2006 11:18 AM
Dave Stephens
Actually I posted only ONE message on the tele forum that mentioned my name in the same sentence along with Wolfe and Lollar when someone asked for recommendations for a certain kind of pickup. It was a mistake and Don Mare slapped my hand for it, didn't do it again. Other than that I just mentioned I have made pickups for specific purposes and never mentioned who I was nor give any hint, for all they knew I was an educated hobbyist. The reason I was attacked there was for the Suhr product thread back when it was real suspiscious that his patent application had the near the same date as Moocow's thread on the same idea. Only later did someone here find out that there was an earlier application dated a year before that. I did post on the tele forum that I withdrew my objections to the inventor's patent (Suhr only licenses it), but there are some guys in that forum like the two who attacked Ben here who started saying I was purposely trying to slander Suhr etc. etc. they started making stuff up that I had never said in any of my posts on that thread, some of the stuff they were saying that I had said was borderline psycho stuff, so I bailed, and apologized to the nice people in the threads who weren't about pissing contests and slanderous type things. I left because I didn't want to do battle with people with emotional problems.Thats the story and Don knows about it.  
You all should read the link earlier in THIS thread about the guy who attacked that speaker company, now this is what I am talking about. Some sicko leech type person decides for no good reason to ruin you. Unless you can actually trace and track down that person's identity, and only if they are slandering you business and posting lies about your products can you legally do anything about it. That company spent alot of money in lawyers and investigators and that one single guy did a huge amount of damage to that company. By using one's real name in this forum, if you have a commercial website, and you disagree with someone dropping in, and they take offense and decide to do you harm, there's little that small companies like mine can do. I can't afford investigators or lawyers to track someone down and take them to court. I also did some google research and found a case where an individual in a college was harrassing someone who had a forum by posting pornographic images on his site, and worse things, and changed his IP address avoiding identification. The lawyer answering this question said there's nothing you can do about stuff like that unless you can identify the individual by name and address. And harrassment isn't slander and hard to prosecute. This one guy basically made it impossible for this man to run a board or forum he was doing and he had to quit. He found out the person was at some college and that was all. This is pretty serious stuff and anyone here who sells a product on the internet is at risk; all it takes is to bump into the wrong guy on the net who takes a fanatic dislike for you or your product and the damage one guy can do is illustrated by the link to that speaker company in the earlier link in this thread. Much food for thought, you all should read whats on that link, every word of it, really sick stuff, and was for no sane reason at all that this guy did this to them.......
1/16/2006 11:23 AM
Dave Stephens
Forgot to mention that I haven't posted on the Tele forum since the Suhr thread and won't ever go back, ask Don Mare what kind of place that is, he was basically kicked off that forum for posting humorous and entertaining things and I signed up to basically talk to him on the forum as he seemed a knowledgeable guy and funny. They didn't think he was serious enough or something and was the frequent victim of wolf pack attacks there. Who needs that.....
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