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Tried calling him weeks ago....

1/12/2006 11:55 AM
Tried calling him weeks ago....
I tried calling Benny and he will not answer his phone when I started calling him(that was weeks ago). If you read my posts, Greg you would have seen that this was the only place left to get to him. He will not talk with me and the only thing I get email wise are lies and threats.  
So why don't you call him and reason with him, email me and I will give you his telephone number. If you are so concerned why not get involved and help Benny out of a jam. Oh, I am sorry you don't want to get involved.....oh, I see.  
Seems like people like to voice their opinions but when it comes to getting involved and trying to be a help, be a peacemaker they don't want to get involved.  
I would appreciate anybody who would be kind enough to contact Benny and explain to him the facts. Or even help him wind some pups to catch up on orders. Did anybody ask Benny if he needed some help? Maybe he's overwhelmed and can't deal with it.  
Has anybody tried to reach out to Benny? He obviously has a I don't think anybody has from this board.  
So I guess Benny has no real friends from this boars. Friends try to help out.  
Like "I" did by being a go between Benny and David Warren. I tried to help Benny handle his business because I was trying to be a friend to him. In my book he took that for granted and dicked me around.
1/12/2006 4:42 PM
Greg Simon
BD, I can understand how you would be mad because you couldn't contact the guy. If he had a death in the family, and also with his crazy responsibilites and schedule, I can understand why he might have been overwhelmed. Whether he was not contacting you due to his situation, or because he was avoiding you is beside the point. You and Mr. Warren could have made more of an effort to keep the tone civil and not get into a pissing match. If you get down and dirty in your tone on here, then whoever you target will surely follow...its human nature. My point is, no one likes to see it and we shouldn't have to since the problem from the beginning was between you, Mr. Warren, and Ben. I don't want to get involved because its none of my business. I just don't want to have to read posts like these on a forum I come to so I can enjoy reading about pickups and their design and construction. It sounds like you took the same antagonistic approach in your emails with him, and so it isn't surprising that he wouldn't want to subject himself to abuse. Hopefully since your pickups are on their way, and I believe Mr. Warren's should be also, then maybe we can all leave this behind and move on to more interesting subjects?  
1/12/2006 7:49 AM
asshole Re: This why Ben is a liar....
f*ck off!  
please waste your time in your trailer not over here
1/13/2006 1:06 PM
Dwight Listmayer Re: What?
I'm not commenting on anyone's post or judging them for their thoughts.  
This whole thread was extremely interesting, and it's unfortunate that some of the contributors feel that they have been dealt with unfairly or even... dishonestly? And it's doubly sad when both parties to a bargain or a conversation feel that way.  
I'm reading this and writing to say that my pickups from Ben are good, and more than satisfactory. He did what I as a customer expected. And that's waaaaaay better than the lack of service and excuse me.... crap I've been paying for from other businesses that I've dealt with on a face-to-face basis in just the last 2 months alone, such as the store that sold us a defective, leaking washing machine, and the company that delivered it and smashed it. Also the store that scratched a custom-order house door and said "paint it", after they delivered only the door because the frame was broken in transit. No problem, 2 more months and they've made us another frame, but it's too cold here to install it now. I had my car's wheel alignment done, and the wheel was crooked. Another whole day to get it fixed and they somehow shattered my wheel cover while "tapping" it on. When I get my tires changed, they put them on in the wrong direction or forget lug nuts. I got a new car battery and it's supposed to have 12 volts, but only has 10.2. I guess it will come out and go back. I asked another mechanic to change a right wheel bearing on the car, he did the left. It took 2 weeks to book an appointment to correct that. Meanwhile, my car was clean before. You should see all the black grease on the carpet, doors and steering wheel now. The list goes on...... people have sold me the wrong parts for my garage door opener, my snowblower, my plumbing and other things I fix. The rest of my money goes to taxes and our city can no longer afford the level of civic sevices as before - our streets aren't plowed, and forget about sidewalks. Have I complained? Not really - that's life, ain't it? I've just had to initiate actions to solve all of these problems.  
But if I'm trying to walk on an unplowed sidewalk, and somebody on a snowmobile nearly runs me or my children over again, they are going to get my elbow in their full-face helmet, and I get the keys to their machine, and it STOPS there. I've taken just about enough in person. But I still get 4 - 6 email or internet scam offers in my junk mail everyday. Now that's criminal. I wish they'd try emailing me or reaching into my pockets where I can solve things myself - yeah, on the sidewalk in MY neighbourhood, why not?  
So, problems are part of everyday life. They're meant to be solved civilly, till all else fails or you feel as if you're threatened. Oops, I suppose we are to call the "authorites". My bad.  
But thanks again Ben, for the great pickups. At least something works!  
Strat man Dwight
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