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Response Effects of Guitar Pickup Position and Width

9/30/2005 6:17 PM
Dave Stephens Response Effects of Guitar Pickup Position and Width
10/6/2005 4:43 PM
I'd go further than the harmonic reasoning, yeah sure it's a harmonic of the open string, but playing in the 7th-15th fret areas is the sweet spot for the neck pickup, that spot becomes more like the 1/2 way point making it a more fundamental thing.
10/6/2005 11:46 PM

You are completely correct, IMHO, once you go beyond the open string the relationship changes, yet the sweet spot for neck Strat pickups is usually higher up the neck. But the half way point still is a harmonic.  
Any one care to calculate the relative positions for different fretted notes? I'm just toooooo lazy for that...yet i'm curious....;)  
Maybe that characteristic sound is a complex combination of all those possible harmonic positions yet we take the open string measurement as a reference.
10/7/2005 8:56 AM
Andrew C

Just take the fret position chart and divide the offset from the nut by 4. The result will be the offset from the neck pickup.  
There are several fret position tables tabulated in Excel on the net. If you have office its easy to get the sweetspots.  
Trivia question for those who can be bothered to work it out:  
If the neck pickup of a strat is under the sweetspot of the open string, then which fretted notes' sweetspot is the middle pickup under? And do those notes sound sweeter? If they do sound sweeter, how come you never noticed before?  
Things that make you go "hmm":)  
Andrew C.
10/8/2005 4:10 PM

Thanks for the tip, Andrew, but I guess I should have said "relative harmonics" instead of "relative positions".  
What I mean is: What harmonics am I sensing on a Strat's neck pickup as I move beyond the open strings.  
I guess harmonics must come and go as you move up the neck....don't know if I'm clear enough here, it's a bit confusing to explain.
10/9/2005 2:19 PM
Steve Ell.
I think I see what you're saying. The 12th fret would place the neck pickup halfway to the bridge and 17th would be 1/4 the distance between the pickup and bridge IIRC. That would explain why 12th position sounds so cool on a strat.
10/12/2005 9:21 PM

That's the idea...sort of...

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