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Active eq for passive PJ bass.

8/7/2005 11:10 PM
Dr Billie Von Blood
Active eq for passive PJ bass.
Well been a while since i have been here and so much change!!! I hope SK is going o.k and no more life hick up's. REAL happy to see this didnt shut down as i once thought it was going to. Keep up the awsome work!!  
Any way that out of the way..  
I need to make an Active tone circuit for a passive prec/jazz bass set up. Has any one done this? I'm wondering which op amp would be best suited? Or if better to go transistor, JFET, MOSFET ??? I know a thousand that will work but what is a good "musical" op amp in this scenareo. Not looking for a whole heap of gain just enough to notice a good movment in a selected hz/khz range. Anybody....beuler  
Dr billie

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