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J bass formula's for the basally challenged

11/10/2004 2:45 PM
Andrew C J bass formula's for the basally challenged
I have a J-bass rewind to do, if I choose to do so, so have been trying to research some basic specs.  
The often inaccurate vintage spec link at the front of this forum give a 8000turn wind with 42 wire. By my maths that would only work out at about 6.5-6.9k. After checking some current products it seem sthat most jbass pups are sold with advertised specs of between 8 and 9k.  
Can anyone account for this discrepancy? This is my first bass rewind in half a year of professional winding, and I can't even play the damn thing!
11/10/2004 9:03 PM
jason lollar

I wouldnt put too much stock in specs you see on the net or printed in books. Some are right but alot of them are way off all on the same page.
11/10/2004 11:58 PM
Andrew C

You wouldn't include your book in that would you Jason??:)
11/11/2004 6:58 PM
Dr. Strangelove
J bass measurements
neck: 7.40 k-ohms, 3.049 Henries  
bridge: 7.67 k-ohms, 3.102 Henries  
11/12/2004 12:59 AM
jason lollar
Hey Doc
What year J bass was that Measured at the pickups or at the jack?  
There is a general resistance range in my book. I have always been hesitant about publishing specs, with the impact that book has had it would set standards right or wrong and I am not really into that and I also am not into publicly giving it all away.  
Its like you can do a little of the work! Personally I wouldnt believe it unless I see it myself.  
The thing about old fenders is they vary sometimes quite a bit and you have probably figured out the temperature thing, wire stretch etc. Measure a pickup like a strat coil then hold it in your hand for a minute or two and measure again.  
I think it was Dave Stephens that told me about looking for specs on ebay, great idea. Go look through pickup auctions.  
Alot of the specs sheets you see were copied from another source, anyone know where the original one came from? Gary's maybe? If you look closely at them compare resistance and turn counts and youll see some peculiar statements that dont make sense.
11/12/2004 2:19 AM
Dr. Strangelove

The J-Bass pups were from the guitar repair at a used gear store. I have no idea what year these pickups were made but their condition is barely used.  
I measured the pickups out-of-circuit and out-of-hand where the ambient temperature was 70F. DC resistance was unstable at the 3rd decimal point so I only reported to the second. Inductance was what it was.  
Since these were factory winds, I don't see a problem with giving it away because a good hand wind or a smart Lollar machine wind should always sound better.  
11/12/2004 2:20 AM
Yes, it was Gary's. Good points all round - I'll shoot for 7.5k and see what happens!
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