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3/23/2005 12:58 PM
Leader of the superior martian civilization
Dear Humans,  
Your society teaches your younger minds to blame others.  
Rumsfeld says Turkey is to blame for the mess in Iraq.  
Nazism is to blame for the Minnesota tragedy.  
Marilyn Manson for Columbine.  
Liberals for the immorality.  
Stand up humans and take responsibilty for your actions.  
If you donīt we Martians are gonna come down and set you all straight.  
We have done it before......ask any ANT!  
You have been warned,  
Marsac, supreme leader of mars  
"He who has the biggest sac rules"  
------A.Einstein, human brain
3/24/2005 4:46 AM

Yeah well, don't forget your flu shots there Marfak. You remember what happened the last time you came through 50 years ago.
3/24/2005 6:02 AM
Whats up Doc?
3/24/2005 9:30 AM

bdebdebde...thatīs all folks
3/24/2005 4:30 PM

Attention: Commandant Marsac, et. al.  
As representative for the majority of Earthlings, I am here to formally announce that it will no longer be acceptable for you to continue to diplomatically recognize current human leadership exclusively, while they are only a small, insignificant minority consideration.  
Punitive sanctions will now be imposed. After your previous visit and capture of our Queen, resolutions were adopted as a contingency for your possible return.  
You may already be becoming aware that she was not our only Queen.  
Consider yourself colonized.  
Best Regards,  
Adam "Fire" Ant  
Supreme Emperor of Earth
3/28/2005 3:44 PM
Johnson Space Center
Hey, Marvin, up to your old tricks again?  
No, you CAN'T have the K-7 space demodulator, no matter how angry you get! And, if you threaten us again, we'll send Bugs Bunny back for another visit! We haven't forgotten how much you enjoyed his last one...
3/30/2005 4:13 PM
hey guys!!! Was that not a "space discombobulator?" Lets get our facts straight.
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