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Re: Are You Ready to be Drafted?

10/2/2004 5:22 PM
anonymous Re: Are You Ready to be Drafted?
If it comes down to that, if I'm drafted, then so be it.
10/2/2004 6:25 PM
Good honest answer!
10/6/2004 12:09 PM
another anon
The problem with this kind of thinking is the overgeneraliztion of the"Islamic world". The vast, VAST, overwhelming majority of Muslims are peace loving folks who just want to live a life. The basic tennets of Islam (like most religions when you get to the core) is that of moderation, humility, and service.  
Jihad is supposed to be an inner struggle. It has become corrupted by a freakish minority of radicals as a justification for acquiring power by any means. They do the same thing our government and religious fanatcis do, demonize a supposed "enemy" (because it's hard to kill actual humans) in order to look like a hero when you destroy them.  
If a few individuals can corrupt the perception of an entire group then all Christians are planning on bombing Planned Parenthood clinics and gunning down the doctors who work there.  
Remember Muslims, Jews, and Christians all share the same God. They are share prophet lineages back to Abraham.  
I think it's possible that what you mean by "Islamic world" is the collection of political bodies in the middle east. We have few problems with Indonesia which happens to have the largest population and density of Muslims in the world.  
Still I see your point. The middle east as a collection of political bodies has never been particularly helpful or friendly to the US with the exception of the Saudi's who give us all of their oil because they're nice people.
10/1/2004 5:33 PM
Come on you guys. Some of you Bushie supporters must like the idea of being drafted to honor the wishes of your most perfect leader. What do you Bushy types think of the upcoming Bush draft? Don't stay silent on the subject. You like what your heralded leader has in store for you?  
10/1/2004 9:53 PM
Led Balloon
What do you Bushy types think of the upcoming Bush draft?  
I prefer Bush Ice, much smoother.
10/2/2004 10:23 AM
Concerned Citizen What you don't seem to remember...
Bluto, is that the draft is proposed by Rep. Charles Wrangel, *Democrat* from New York, and Sen. Fritz Hollings, *Democrat* from South Carolina.  
The draft is a Democrat idea. They are lying when they tell you that it is coming from the Republicans.  
10/2/2004 12:29 PM
You may be right that some Democrats like the draft idea as well. Bush is pretty much of a liberal in my mind so it doesn't suprise me that other liberals including some in the Democratic party think like him.  
You still haven't answered the question. Are you ready to support the draft? Are you for it or against it?  
Ghee whiz! Why doesn't anyone answer the question? ARE YOU READY TO BE DRAFTED?  
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