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Let's Take Our Country Back!

6/3/2004 12:24 PM
Foshizzle Let's Take Our Country Back!
Bush and his clowns have hijacked our country from us. They are driving up gas prices and starting wars using false pretenses. They keep on running up the deficit and as a result prices are going through the roof for just about everything. It's time we take our country back from these self serving hippocrats.  
Let's all vote Bush out of office. And then give all Republican senators and congressmen the boot as well.  
And now, a word from our sponsors:

6/3/2004 12:31 PM

They are driving up gas prices and starting wars using false pretenses.  
Come on now FZero, don't exaggerate, they HAVE DRIVEN up gas prices, and they started A war using false pretenses.  
Democrats would have done the same thing since their motivations are identical.  
6/3/2004 1:44 PM
Johnny Zero
You're right F0! Great post!  
All too soon we forget that Bill Clinton was the last president to balance the budget. Reagan couldn't do it. Daddy Bush couldn't do it. And Baby Bush couldn't do it. Kerry says he will do it or at least come closer to doing it. Looks like it's time for a change in leadership.  
Regarding oil prices, the Saudis consistently have said they are allowing oil prices to rise because they need to be compensated for the falling dollar. So far the dollar has fallen about 30% within the past 12 months and guess what -- oil has followed in lock step rising 30%. Many Americans, unlike yourself, are fools who don't understand simple economics. When the dollar is devalued by a certain amount, foriegn commodities such as oil go up by the same amount. It doesn't take a genius to figure this out.  
Also, Bush now scores a 41% approval rating in the latest poll. According to the WSJ, over the last 50 years no incumbant American prez scoring less than 50% approval in the month of May prior to the election was ever re-elected. That says Bush probably won't be re-elected. Most Americans are now sick of him and probably won't give him a second chance. Certainly good news for most Americans despite all the bad that Bush has done.  
A few days ago Bush responded to his low polling numbers by explaining that he was certain that it was just a communication problem and nothing more. In other words, in his mind everybody else is wrong and he and his minority constituency is completely right. No need to change his deficits, war mongering, international violations of war rules, and so on. Instead, all that is needed is a little more communication to convince the 200 million American unbelievers that they are wrong.  
Clearly the guy is out of touch. I'll be glad to see him go.  
6/3/2004 2:38 PM
Boy Howdy
I just wish the election were today and not 5 months away. How much more of this guy can we, not to mention the rest of the world, stand?  
One thing is sure, this war, as was predicted, has made us considerably less safe from terrorism. The whole freakin' world hates us now. Thanks a lot Georgie boy.  
I only hope that one day we will evolve enough so that when some megalomaniac tries to convince us that we need to go to war that we will listen to the minority voices that try to warn us.  
People are just so easily manipulated. Especially when it comes to war.
6/4/2004 6:57 AM
Frank DeSalvo

"All too soon we forget that Bill Clinton was the last president to balance the budget."  
Besides screwing interns, that's all he did. Well, he weakened the military, made a mockery of marriage & the oval office, created a weak world-view of the US, and so forth. Now where were we? Oh, yeah, he was good with the check book...  
6/5/2004 11:42 AM
C'mon Frank, give ol' Slick Willy credit where credit is due:  
Don't forget Kosovo, Bosnia, and Somalia... countries which were minding their own business when B.C. donated so much ordnance to them  
And the WTC bombing, USS Cole, and Khobar towers attacks, which prompted no response from the White House.  
And one reason he has so much checkbook to pass out was that he gutted the military and intelligence services. By the way, speaking of the checkbook, who was it that sent us those checks to us a couple of years ago?
6/3/2004 3:04 PM
Mark Hammer

"Bush and his clowns have hijacked our country from us." I dunno. To my mind, they gave folks exactly the kind of country they were looking for. Well, 49% of them, that is. Time for a rethink of what sort of nation you want. And insomuch as the USA has a major impact on many other countries, time for a rethink of how you want the rest of the world to work.  
"They are driving up gas prices" I suppose that gas prices wold likely have been different if there hadn't been any invasion. At the same time, I firmly believe that a small part of the motivation for the invasion was to secure and stabilize gas prices and availability rather than profit in any manner. Believe it or not, politicians often set out to do things for the good of their country. That doesn't stop them from being misinformed, near-sighted, pigheaded, and misguided, but I never question their sincerity. No, I think in this case, others have found ways to make good of the situation in spite of the Bush admnistration. Of course your average trucker or cab driver or municipal transit authority doesn't really much care WHO was responsible for it do they? They just need it fixed.  
"They keep on running up the deficit and as a result prices are going through the roof for just about everything." Government commitments are slippery little buggers. Yes, Bush, et al, have overcommitted to things that will be impossible to make good on without acquiring a greater deficit. The question is whether a change of leadership eradicates those commitments, or whether they carry over to the next team in charge. In many instances, unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on whether you're just a taxpayer, or a taxpayer whois also a contractor and beneficiary of those commitments), you can't squeeze out of those commitments. People sign contracts, hire staff, buy inventory, and turn down other work, to be able to partake in what the government has committed to on paper. Cancel those contracts, and their lawyers will descend on you like a piranha swarm. In the end, the legal and punitive costs of cancelling the contracts can cost you the same as actually following through on them  
Bizarre, huh?  
Still, as I keep insisting, he's a B-grade president, maybe B+, in a job that demands at least an A. Whether the alternative is better is another question.

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