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AA Mediterranean tour schedule!!

12/30/2005 12:00 PM
Frank De Salvo
AA Mediterranean tour schedule!!
We are stoked! Here's the tour schedule:  
Look under "Calendar" tab  
12/30/2005 12:23 PM
Steve A.

    So Frank, with all of the little boys in the audience will your band be touring with Michael Jackson next? :D  
" target="_blank">">  
    I see that the females in your audience know how to count up to 10!  
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    Keep rockin' in the New Year!  
Steve Ahola
12/30/2005 3:44 PM
Frank De Salvo

Hahah, now that oxygen is finally making it up to your brain, you are becoming quite spicy in your old age ;)!!! :D  
Have an awesome New year, Steve-O!  
12/30/2005 3:56 PM
Mediterranean tour without coming to Turkey? I feel pretty bad, ignored, etc:( ;)  
Happy new years..:)  
12/30/2005 8:04 PM
Frank De Salvo

Dude! We were supposed to go to turkey on the first leg of our tour, but they scheduled us for more Portugal. :(  
How can you have a good tour without a good Turkey leg?? :D  
12/31/2005 4:20 AM
Chris/CMW amps

travel north and start gigging in the Netherlands!!!  
Have a good time!  
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