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What Guitar Center is doing to jack up prices on...

11/6/2005 1:25 PM
Mitch What Guitar Center is doing to jack up prices on...
I could not believe how GC is setting super hi prices on this stuff below? Its outragious...  
They need to get a grip!  
11/6/2005 1:52 PM
And whoever is writing the post copy needs to brush up on their grammar.  
I've seen better english from Nigerian's wanting to give me money.
11/6/2005 9:20 PM
OK OK, so I was typing too fast and in a hurry and had my kid asking questions while I was typing!  
11/7/2005 6:38 AM
the prices are arbitrary, the value is whatever you say it is because it's "vintage". if there's a sucker out there willing to shell out that kinda $ without actually playing the guitar or amp, you're sure to find him in ebay land.
11/7/2005 2:46 PM

According to the search, not one single bid on any of the items. Cool.
11/8/2005 8:43 AM
Swami Rabinowicz

I looked through GC's "Vintage Room" a few months ago, looking for a Norlin era Les Paul Custom...heavy with a maple neck.  
Now these things have shown up at local stores occasionally, and they don't sell well. The weight is an issue and the non-tradional Maple neck is the second issue. Norlin/Gibson's rep is the third issue. Going price around our area is $1500 or a little less...  
...which is less than half of what GC wants. They were all in the $3400 range or higher. I contacted them about their prices being out of line. I got a polite response, but prices weren't negotiable. They will charge what they want.  
GC is about to open a store in our area. At least one local store, Music-Go-Round will certainly fold, and the owner is having no luck selling the business. Two other music stores may survive as they offer services not offered at GC and customer loyalty to longtime sales people should help.  
I like finding bargains and rarely buy new. Even if GC carries any used equipment, they've demonstrated they will not sell used competitively.
11/9/2005 8:35 PM
GC does give me good deals on parts and seem to try to give price breaks when I ask about anything other than a Gibson.  
I emailed a GC sales guy about his overprice of a Kramer F6000 on Ebay the other day and wrote that I felt the guitar was about $50.00 to much for what they normally sell on Ebay.  
He wrote back and said that's the going price and its a great guitar worth every penny.  
I just laughed as I thought go ahead and it will just get relisted only to not sell again. which it did.  
These sales guys need to get a grip on what outrageous means but I suppose in the world of sales nothing is sacred ya know.  
Kinda like car sales, anything said to the customer to get THAT sale...  
I worked at a car dealership in the mid 80's and they had these morning meetings to teach the sales staff how to manipulate the customer into saying yes yes yes to get that sale. I thought that was hilarious.  
But I guess there are suckers out there just waiting to get that car or guitar at any hi price.  
You know, the weak minded ones ;)  
I'm surprised that the corporations are not trying to teach the Jedi mind trick to sales staff these days...  

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