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looking for Dual 2k + 20k pot

8/12/2005 12:17 AM
looking for Dual 2k + 20k pot
I need a POTENTIOMETER Dual 2k + 20k  
Do you know where can I find it?  
Thank you,  
G Sadofschi
8/12/2005 3:48 AM
Steve A.

    Analog or logarithmic? Ganged or dual concentric?  
    Although pricey, some of the electronic dealers still have the modular pots, which you assemble piece by piece- you would need two pot sections, one bushing and one shaft... prolly $25. :(  
    Now to find such a dealer...  
Steve Ahola
8/18/2005 6:43 PM
Ray Ivers

I just finished placing a fairly large modular-pot order with State Electronics (; the whole process took about 10 days. Almost all the pots were unusual, and some very much so (e.g., 3-gang 2.5k reverse-audio taper w/push-pull SPDT switch, two gangs on outer concentric shaft & one gang/sw. on inner shaft, etc.). I now know why you almost never see pots like this on guitar amps, or really anything other than car-audio equipment.  
I dealt with Dave Richardi, who treated me like a king through the whole process, but what a process it was... I don't really have the time to go into it in excruciating detail as I'm leaving tomorrow on a trip, but I strongly advise finding an alternative to using unusual pots, especially PCB-mount ones (I had designed my boards around these things, and was locked into using them).  
Antique Electronics had some surplus duals, triples, and concentrics at one time, and if anyone knows a reasonably-priced small-quantity source for the modular-type pots I'm sure that many might benefit.  

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