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New article on computer-based tools for track editing

6/25/2005 2:39 PM
Steve A.
New article on computer-based tools for track editing
    I decided to write up some of my tricks in editing stereo tracksó this is post-production of existing tracks not building up tracks from original recordings:  
    For some reason I had a very hard time getting the pictures to stay where I wanted them in Word 2000... if I added too much text they would jump to the next (or previous!) page. :( With earlier versions of Word I could set fixed frames on a page which would not move but I haven't figured out how to do that with Word 2000.  
    One point to mention: in the context of a song which lasts 3 or 5 minutes, you can make drastic changes to a single wave (as depicted in the Cool Edit Pro display) without really changing the overall sound. So I will manually reduce the levels on maybe a dozen peaks, which will allow me to use Normalize to increase the overall level of the song higher than otherwise. Basically if 99.9% of the material is no louder than -3dB and you have a dozen peaks which reach 0dB, by reducing those peaks 3dB you can increase the overall level of the song by 3dB... and without having to resort to one of the finalizing compression plug-ins (like Sonic Factory's Wave Hammer or Waves L1 Ultramaximizer +).  
Steve Ahola  
P.S. I had complained about losing your Undo history in Cool Edit Pro once you closed the songs you were working on. I figured out that you can save the large CEPxxxx.TMP file in your TEMP folder to DVD and copy it back later if you want to continue editing with the Undo history intact. (I'm not sure if that will work if you move or delete the WAV files you were working on... I'll have to test that out later!)
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