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Problem with DVD?

3/21/2005 9:39 PM
Justin Thomas
Problem with DVD?
I'm having some trouble with a DVD of mine. The disc in question is "Rush in Rio." There's a horrible static anytime there is an audio signal that rides under the entirety of both discs. For the first one, it begins as soon as the disc starts playing, through all the production companys' stuff-anthem, ZOE, etc...It continues any time there's a sound and it REALLY interferes with the concert sound HORRIBLY about two hours into the show at "La Villa Strangiato", and continues for the duration. You can hear it the whole time if the volume on the tv is low enough, which is annoying coz I usually put it on as bedtime music. It still comes through if the volume is ALL the way off, down or mute, too. The second disc is only bad when there's a primary signal-it's interviews and other stuff, so it's when one of the guys is talking. It's not nearly as bad, but still the same thing.  
The disc plays fine in my landlady's player and TV, so I'm thinking maybe I need a new TV? But I've also got other concert and music videos, along with movies and stuff, and this is the only disc with this problem. Did I just get a bum DVD? New TV? Anybody else with any problems like this? Just asking before I shell out for new equipment...:(  
Thanks, Justin  
PS-No home theater or anything, just DVD player and TV, kinda like my guitar-Telecaster->Reverberocket II.
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