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3/5/2005 12:21 AM
jaysg Playgoers
I just went to a play by a British guy named Stephen Jeffreys. The title is "I Just Stopped By To See The Man." It's part delta blues legend, part Spinal Tap, part EC interview. There's an old blues guy named Jesse Davidson, hiding out in a shack in the to a crossroads - you saw that coming. The year is 1975 and a British rock star who's a cross between Keith Richards, Jeff Beck and Johnny Depp doing Keith Richards, shows up at the door. The old guy has been officially dead since 1961. The rock star spends the rest of the play trying to convince the old guy to do an encore with his band. It's very funny.  
Without giving any more away, if it ever comes to your town, it's a hoot for any guitar player who's ever played a blues lick, read an EC inteview about Robert Johnson, or worn leather pants. It's currently at the Old Globe/Cassius Carter theater in San Diego.
3/5/2005 6:01 AM
Mark Lavelle

Sounds like a blast. Is there much actual music in it?
3/5/2005 9:52 PM
The drunken Brit plays acoustic blues in A and E in both acts. It gets a bit corny and silly at times and there's a minor attempt a searing psycho-drama. The tunes quoted are Crossroad Blues, and a couple similar type tunes that may or may not be original to the play.
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