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IE6 / WinXP quirk

2/18/2005 4:02 AM
Steve A.
IE6 / WinXP quirk
    It seems like my browser slowed w-a-y-y-y down when I installed service pack 2 for WinXP. And a lot of links that used to work seemed to be dead (404 error- page not found).  
    I think that the service pack tightened down on browser security, so you are not getting all of the pages that you used to be able to get. If you check on the security settings it can be very confusing: Tools Internet Options Security  
    It seems like this page used to be different, with a slider to set how secure you wanted to be in your browsing. I believe that the default setting is Medium, but you can reset it to Low to be able to browse around on the sleazier side of the tracks...  
    I had just tried to enter the following site and kept getting 404 error messages, at least until I reset my browser security to Low:  
    (No porn- just a gamer site...)  
Steve Ahola
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