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Re: Home studio solution.. fyi

2/16/2005 2:34 PM
Re: Home studio solution.. fyi
speed, how many simultaneous inputs can you record?  
2/16/2005 5:48 PM
Eight; XLR or line and phantom is available on all 8. Plenty for a live rehearsal/gigging situation, which was my criteria here. The VS mixer even has an "automix" setting which lets you plug in mics, you play a bit and it sets levels & basic signal routing so you can focus on playing and not engineering. It's going to be a fixture at rehearsal so we can see how we're doing. Every input (and mixer) channel has a compressor and eq which has 2 shelving and 2 parametric ranges. They work very well. Mic pre-amps could be better (can't they always!), but at this price point it's hard to bitch!
2/18/2005 2:03 PM

yeah i'm looking for an 8 at a pop capable recorder. many of the cheaper models can't handle that.  
thanks for the pointers!  
2/21/2005 7:20 PM
Dr. Photon

I am using a Fostex VF-160 (the older model, has SCSI and a 20 gig drive) and I couldn't be happier. It does everything I need it to, and it's a "toss in the bag and GO" kind of deal. never had a problem with it. I like how I can record 8 tracks simultaneously (although I wish it had more XLRs and could take nigher line levels, I had to make some resistor voltage divider adapters to deal with kick drum mikes and a Marshal Valvestate whose lineout is also the headphones out). a Behringer ADA8000 gives me 16. I can mix down wherever I have 120 volt power. and it burns CDs. I can dump the tracks to my PC with several different paths (I prefer burning CDs with wav files). I typically mix down at home with a few outboard devices, but I can do a basic mix with the built in efx (not great, but OK) right after we get done playing, right in time to listen to it in the car on the way out to get some grub. The "Fozzie" might be a bit hard to use (either do it the Fostex way, or don't do it!), but after about a week, everything makes sense. I find it easy to use and logical, but I'm tech addicted ;) Just get an outboard EQ. built in is crap, especially for bass.  
I also have the MXL 990 microphone and love it. I got the $100 pack that GC seems to have on sale every day. it gives you a really cheap but still very nice plastic box, two microphone holder clips, the MXL 990, and the smaller round 991 "instrument mike". They sound very good to me, much better than any of my other microphones (but then again, they are my most expensive microphones, I'm on a limited budget here, the fostex on eBay was a large purchase for me). The cool thing is that the 991 can be stuck into the handle on the carrying case if you are out of stands! I am planning on getting a kit of drum microphones and an ADA8000 sometime to upgrade to individually miked drums (and get more toys!)

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