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Re: Cheap recording Mic

2/1/2005 11:19 AM
SpeedRacer Re: Cheap recording Mic
I've got a 414B-ULS (which I believe is the FET mic) and I'm just not that impressed with it. I've heard some older ones in studios that kicked a$$ though. Still in critical situations I never saw folks go for them. What I normally saw with engineer friends etc is that the Shoeps came out, or an old Neuman when we needed all around ability. The 414 got a lot of snare work (paired with an SM57) piano, acoustic stuff.. never vocals though.  
Speaking of EV, a great mic at a discount for kick drum (and even acoustic guitar!) is a RE20. There are always a bunch on ebay for around $300 which IMHO is cheap for the quality.  
Whether it's better or not, for $60 you really can't go wrong. The reviews I read online were raves btw.
2/2/2005 1:03 PM
John Fisher

The 414 has been proven to be a good mic and it is. I have one that sits on my shelf because I like my Audio Tech 4050 better. Someone got me a MXL and I never even tried it because I kind of scoffed at the idea that it cost $60 for a nice case, shock mount and pop filter. Heck my shock mount for the audio tech alone cost the same amount as the MXL deal. And the shock mount for the MXL is better.  
My Audio Tech shock mount finaly wore out so in desperation to do some backup vocals on a project deadline I tried the MXL and I was truly impressed.  
I can't find anything that bothered me about it and the vocals sound nice.  
I'm not saying that it is better then a 414 but it is definately comparable and in some cases I would say that it sounds better.  
To think that a good studio mic cost less then an sm58, it is usefull in buying a couple to do stereo mics for drums which I plan to do.  
My friend next store has the same mic so now we can do that.  
Because the casing is so nice too, I plan to get another one to build it into a tube mic.  
John Fisher
2/21/2005 11:42 AM

For some more $$$ but still a great value is this Rode mic  
A friend made some amazing acoustic guitar, stand-up bass, vocal tracks on his Yamaha workstation with one of these.  
2/1/2005 7:45 AM
SpeedRacer Re: Home studio solution.. fyi
The track at once thing is one reason I went with the vs. I can do 8 at once which is enough to cover the whole band as long as I stay 16 bit (which is fine..) The unit is a little smaller than my tascam 246 too so it's very portable. Weighs maybe 12 lbs? I doubt I'll use the PC for mixing as the vs has a mastering toolset and a fully automated mixer already. I was thinking the USB is good for importing older projects or exporting tracks w/o having to burn a CD (like when I send you a bassline! ;)
2/1/2005 8:52 AM

"The track at once thing is one reason I went with the vs. I can do 8 at once which is enough to cover the whole band as long as I stay 16 bit (which is fine..) "
Speedo, Steve--  
I didn't mention that I have an old Fostex D-90 hanging around, so that I can record 8 tracks at 16/44.1 or 16/48 and dump 'em via a circuitous route to the 'pooter. All I really need to have a mobile recording setup is a handful of mic stands and a little mixer to interface the D-90 with. An ADAT lightpipe card would be a nice addition, too, as that circuitous route involves dumping two tracks at a time via optical SPDIF to a DAT that has both optical and coaxial SPDIF i/o, then dumping the DAT's output via coax SPDIF to the pooter....  
If the side job I'm working on works out, I might actually have a budget for these soon (and I might even be able to fire my current boss!)....  
C ya,  
2/1/2005 9:12 AM
speed, welcome to the portable digital recording age. i took the plunge myself last year with a yamaha16 track DAW, great bang for the buck in my opinion. easy to set up and get going, records 8 tracks at once, fx, etc..recorded my cover band demo and blues band demo at the rehearsal room and cut some vox and guitar at my apartment with decent results. check out , the top 6 mp3s were recorded with the yamaha and that's me singing lead on good lovin.  
good luck with recording and have fun, and remember, it's not the medium it's the message!  
2/1/2005 2:39 PM
recordings sound good! (no surprise!)  
"have fun, and remember, it's not the medium it's the message!"  
Can I have an Amen? ;) Could not agree more with you there!. (why I kept the tascam until the wheels fell off!) but it is really nice to hear things the "right way" coming off the "tape". Definitely more inspiring for me.

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