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Home studio solution.. fyi

1/31/2005 1:48 PM
SpeedRacer Home studio solution.. fyi
I'd brought this up on the boards a while back, that I was working out what to do about my home "studio". My 18 yr old Tascam 246 wants to move to Florida and I want something that records sounds accurately and easily. I considered both PC based and DAW style (Korg, Roland, Boss, Yamaha, Fostex, etc) Within my budget it seemed like I would get more for the money going DAW. Long story short I have settled on the Roland VS2000. I bought one slightly used on eBay with the add-in FX card, TC electronics and LA2A plugins and the optional VGA card for hundreds less than a 'open box' one would have cost with no options.. and well over $1k less than if I had bought all the stuff retail. It has built in COSM amp simulations (which are not half bad! Some nice crunch tones..esp the "Matchless Lead") along with other FX (rvb, delays, rotary speaker, vocoder, etc), mastering tools, PCM drum machine and sequencer, the ability to dump songs to a PC or MAC via USB2 and import from CD or PC.. 4 channels of parametric EQ on each input channel + a compressor on each input and an automated mixer. It's a little confusing to use at first bc there is so much there, but it's starting to make sense and so far it sounds great.  
With part the money I saved I picked up a pair of Rode NT5's (also on eBay - new in box) for a song. They work great.. I'm using them in an X-Y pair to record acoustics and I am a happy happy camper. Now to find a cheap J-bass and I'm all set. :)
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1/31/2005 1:20 PM
Mark Lavelle

"Now to find a cheap J-bass and I'm all set."
Check out Squiers. If you find one with a straight neck you'll save a ton of $$ and have a perfectly playable instrument.
1/31/2005 1:21 PM

Congrats on the DAW!  
What software do you have for your 'pooter? There are a bunch of options for that arena for when you decide to dump your audio into the 'pooter for mixing, etc. I'm using Adobe Audition (formerly Cool Edit Pro), and I have a ton of fun with it....  
BTW, if you want any bass tracks laid down, I have a bass and some space on my web server to transfer audio files....  
C ya,  
1/31/2005 8:10 PM
Steve A.

Dutch said:  
What software do you have for your 'pooter? There are a bunch of options for that arena for when you decide to dump your audio into the 'pooter for mixing, etc.  
    If you browse the boards on computer-based recording platforms you will see plenty of problems getting the computer to work right with the recording hardware... and I think that everybody wishes that they could record more tracks simultaneously! ;)  
    As for the dedicated hardware recorders, they may have their own limitations but they don't have problems crashing like a Wintel computer. So as long as the data can be dumped to a computer via something fast like USB2.0 or Firewire a dedicated hardware box can be ideal for making the recordings- as you suggest you can then use your computer for editing, processing and mix-down (tasks which aren't as liable to crash your computer as real time recording).  
Steve Ahola  
P.S. I love CEP for editing and processing stereo tracks but the versions I've used have been a bit weak on the multi-track interface (at least when compared to something like Sonar).
1/31/2005 11:53 PM
John Fisher
Cheap recording Mic
Here is a mic that really impressed me in spite of its low cost.  
For just about $60 it came in a nice case with a shock mount and also came with a pop screen. The only limitation was that it only has one element which makes it somewhat unidirectional but so what.  
After doing some AB tests with a AKG 414 ($1000) and my Audio Teck 4050 ($600) it was amazingly comparable. I just used it for some vocal tracks that I did and was impressed. A good cheap fix well worth getting if you are on a tight buget like everyone else.  
John Fisher
2/1/2005 11:09 AM
great tip! For $60 I am trying it out. :) That's my kind of mic budget! Picked up the NT5's for $279 for the matched pair on ebay. (vs $699 list, $399 Musicians friend) They're really sensitive too - they hear everything in the house.. but they do great on the acoustic guitars.. clear warm high end, great detail. . sounds like you think your guitar should sound.. very natural.  
Looking forward to trying out the MXL 990 mic!
2/1/2005 9:39 AM
You sure it's as good as a 414?  
My 414 easily beats out my Neuman tlm103 and other assorted large diaphram condensors including one of the best made by electro-voice. I have yet to find a better mike than the 414. For what it's worth, I prefer the 414 with the tranny built in rather than latest FET version they have out. The tranny is very smooth.  
If what you say is true then the mike is a bargain. Maybe I'll pop for one. Thanks for the info.

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