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Re: Dimebag Darrel shot dead!

12/10/2004 8:29 AM
Re: Dimebag Darrel shot dead!
hey fuck you dude how can you sit there and say there is one less person who is better than me that is fucked up you should be shot to death for saying that bullshit....dude you can fuck off you dont even deserve to listen to metal you faget
12/10/2004 9:26 AM
Not to detract from the tragedy of the loss of Dimebag (I'm not a HUGE fan, but he was one of the last of the real metal players), but your content, punctuation, and spelling is a bit less than stellar. Not to mention your use of adjectives. Feels like I read the rebuttal by "rip glitter."  
12/13/2004 8:32 AM

flea, grow up. people die every day. i am a bit used to it happening. is it right? whatever is, is right.  
shake your fist at god all you want--you've got as much likelihood of seeing him as you would seeing dimebag play cemetary gates again.  
how old are you anyway? stupid kids thinking they're right in shooting people to death is what started this mess, isn't it?  
deal with it--you, too, will die some day. the earth is nothing more than a big heap of fertilizer. remember that.  
12/9/2004 9:49 PM
Well Darrell was definitally a great guitarist and its sad when life is cut short because of some nutcase!  
Unfortunite that in this world there are alot of folks walking the streets with all kinds of mental issues and a thin line of when they may snap one day and either hurt themselves or others.  
Violence in the music scene does happen though and its kinda scary too to be a musician sometimes.  
Back in 1982 I played in a metal band and my band played at a house party for a friend that was having a birthday. Well when you have folks drinking heavily fights do breakout. On this gig a fight broke out and the sore loser decided to drive by that home later that night and shoot at the house. I can tell you that I got a bullet through my left arm and almost ended me being able to use my arm and hand from this. The weird part was I had three dreams following the three nights before the gig that I was gonna die in a crowd of folks. Well this gave me the chills and I thought it was just a strange incident but that night when I got shot I was sitting down and for some odd reason I turned and at that moment the bullet went through my arm. If I had not turned at that moment the bullet would have went through my heart thus killing me.  
I struggled with that incident for years trying to figure out why I was given a second chance to life.  
Some times you have to be alert on whats going on around you but things beyond our control just happen sometimes and when it does then you should try to be prepared or at least mentally prepared.  
I'm now a husband and a father to a small child and believe me I walk around these days always looking on whats going on around me and my family to try my best to protect my wife and child.  
Sad that these things happen. Im sure you all have had some really bad things happen on gigs from some one that was not playing with a full deck of cards.  
This is a wake up call to all that life can be even shorter than you ever think. I was once told that (live life every day like it may be your last) as it could turn out to be your last. I guess what that meant was be cool to others and enjoy every day as we never know where that next step is going to take us!  
12/10/2004 1:58 AM

Look how fast it becomes the gun's fault? Look how fast it became red state blue state. And I sincerely think that what the guy was taught in school has absolutely nothing to do with going whacko. Bad things happen in the world, but while this nut blew someone away, there were still 290,000,000 of us here that didn't. Don't be too hasty blaming the world. There have always been whackos.  
Still, it is sad.
12/10/2004 3:53 AM
After hearing the tragic news yesterday, I decided to see what my fellow "man" would do. A co-worker and I were discussing him, and I said "I bet there are probably already a-holes trying to profit from this". Yesterday morning, there were only about 2 pages (which is disgusting, as it was very early in the morning).  
If for some reason this link to Ebay doesn't work, I just searched for "Dimebag Darrell" (the 2 L's at the end got the most hits).  
How sad all around:( What are we becoming?  
12/10/2004 7:35 AM
that ebay vulture is one sick bastid

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