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Dimebag Darrel shot dead!

12/9/2004 8:10 AM
giustd Dimebag Darrel shot dead!
What kinda crazy world do we live in??? very sad, I know he had a lotta fans.  
Gunman opens fire at Ohio heavy metal concert; five dead, including noted guitarist `Dimebag' Abbott  
By Jay Cohen, Associated Press, 12/9/2004 09:25  
COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) A gunman charged onstage at a packed nightclub and opened fire on the band and crowd, killing top heavy metal guitarist ''Dimebag'' Darrell Abbott and three other people before a police officer shot him to death, authorities and witnesses said.
12/9/2004 10:36 AM
Glen H.
CNN link:
12/9/2004 2:20 PM
Watch how fast it gets to be the guns fault instead of the crackpot shooting it. I heard that it was also the anniversery of the John Lennen shooting. I wonder if it had any tie-in, thinking he had to top the Lennen shooting on the anniversery date. Freakin' Sick-o's everywhere with no morals at all. Wonder where he went to school and what he was taught about his fellow man.
12/9/2004 2:45 PM

now my favorite guitar has no father...  
(well, it was really a dean, but dimebag brought it back.)  
the whole thing is pretty fucked up--he was a great technical player, and really did change the way speed metal was played.  
at least now there's one less person who's better than me.  
12/9/2004 5:41 PM

It did happen in a "Red" state. Chew on that one a while.
12/9/2004 6:41 PM

And you'll also notice that justice was swift.  
Chew on that.
12/9/2004 9:45 PM

There is no justice. That is unless you can undo that which has been done.

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