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Re: Problem solved!

11/30/2004 7:11 PM
bob p Re: Problem solved!
steve, the Mickey Mouse PC rocks!
12/7/2004 3:02 PM
Mark L. Ingram Re: Hooking up WAP to my Linksys router?(Paging SpeedRacer!)
"Linksys site has detailed directions for setting the IP addresses, etc., for hooking up multiple routers and switches"
This sounds like useful information. Could you please post a link for those of us who don't have Linksys hardware?  
Mark L. Ingram
12/7/2004 9:46 PM
Steve A.

    Over the years I've had pretty good results with LinkSys products so I usually stick with them. Their site has been helpful in determining exactly which adaptor I have in my hand, and I've usually been able to download the appropriate manuals or drivers.  
    You might want to check out their support section to see if their advice might also apply to your non-LinkSys hardware.  
--Good luck!  
Steve Ahola

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