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11/28/2004 12:03 AM
Steve A.
    It was actually cheaper for me to get a WKPC54C kit with 4 port wireless router and CardBus wireless adaptor so that is the route (ouch!) I took.  
    Problem- I can't get the wireless part of the network to work! :( If I understand the instructions correctly there are really two different networks that need to be set up- the wired network and the wireless one.  
    I noticed that there were different SSID names used- I changed them all to the name of the wired workgroup- would that cause a problem?  
--Back to the mines!  
Steve Ahola
11/28/2004 1:07 AM
Steve A. Problem solved!
I'm logged on to the internet with my new notebook computer right now... whee-e-e-e-e! ;)  
I hadn't run the drivers disk for the computer yet and with the new cardbus driver the wireless adaptor is recognized.  
Steve Ahola
11/28/2004 9:34 AM
steve, turn on WEP with as big a key as you can.. RIGHT NOW.  
11/28/2004 2:18 PM
Steve A.

ken said:  
steve, turn on WEP with as big a key as you can.. RIGHT NOW.  
    It was turned on as part of setup. I just now noticed that there is a second wireless network within range...  
Steve Ahola  
P.S. Are these wireless rigs a bit flakey? Although it was working last night for awhile it has had a lot of problems making a connection. :(
11/28/2004 5:08 PM
Don Symes

That other network in range may be messin' with you - can you change to a non-default channel (on WAP and NIC)?
11/28/2004 5:40 PM
get the wep key going, or use a pre-shared key if that's an available option. Better still, if you are only going to use the 5 PC's you have, set up MAC address filtering. This will only allow hosts with the correct MAC to connect to your network. It's one of the more secure things you can do. If you leave the thing all defaults, anyone in range can hop on your connection, access your PC's, etc.. - not what you want.
11/28/2004 9:37 PM
Steve A.

    So the WEP key merely encodes the data transferred across the wireless network? I like the idea of using a MAC filter to allow access only to my own notebook.  
    Here's a link to the my new computer:  
Steve Ahola

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