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Using and the pitfalls....

7/18/2004 1:08 PM
Munk Using and the pitfalls....
Well I have to pass this on as it urks me a bit how some big dot com companies can screwup and then say oh well were sorry....and get away with it!  
I set up getting 2 night hotel stay in Pensicola, FL for my family and myself and did this through priceline. I actuallu tried to get 3 nights in either Fort Walton Beach or Destin beach but pricline couldn't get me a hotel under $100.00 a night in either place but could get me a $65.00 a night in Pensicola.  
Well I got to the hotel (Quality Inn) and got a room (non smoking with two beds) for my family and then getting into the room I find a toilet that doesn't work. The floor is dirty, the bed has blood stains on it, there is a big hole under the sink where the pipes go through that looks like some one ripped the sheetrock out. The microwave was filthy and trash under the beds. The room smelled heavily of roach spray! I could go on and on about the nastiness but after driving 9 and 1/2 hours and the having to find this and the hotel couldn't get me another room after waiting 45 minutes I had to leave. I called priceline and complained and asked if they could help. This was at 8:30pm and they kept me on hold for 25 minutes then said sorry but we cannot help but we will be glad to file your complaint about the hotel. They said they would contact me within 5 days about the complaint.  
Well I wait 5 days and no call back from Priceline as they said they would so I called them. They did give me a refund of my money but said (This is a one time refund only and cannot do this again in the future)! Well I emailed them and said how can you guarantee this will not happen again in the future? I just got an email back after a week of waiting again and they said we cannot guarantee this will not happen again, sorry but thats our policy.  
My question is... why don't they let customers know up front that if this type of situation arrises then your better be able to find yourself another hotel with out their help?  
I had to drive 40 miles and try 5 hotels before I could find a hotel that was affordable and CLEAN and the funny thing was, this was in Fort Walton Beach and the hotel I finally found was $75.00 a night. I wonder why Priceline didn't find this on their search??? Hhhmmmm........  
Just a rant about a bad ordeal.  
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7/18/2004 5:06 PM
Hey man, sympathy for your ordeal. But it really seems to me your beef is with Quality Inns, not Priceline. QI is a national chain, and not a small one at that. Priceline finds you a room there in good faith, assuming it will be up to the standards of the chain. I would be very surprised if there are notes on the data base that hotel X of such and such chain is roach infested and about to be torn down.  
Now the QI headquarters probably would like to know about your experience. The hotel pays them a franchise fee to use their name and the chain expects them not to sully their name or reputation in return.  
I went to a convention a long time ago in Chicago and booked a room at the COntinental, a big nice businessman hotel downtown. Little did any of us know the place was three days away from closing so they could gut the place and rebuild from the beams out. The wall paper was ripped in the halls, plumbing fixtures were loose, the TV was funky, etc. Whatever they ran out of was staying out of. I can't really fault the conventionm organisers for having this hotel that really did have a very good reputation on their lists, nor the travel agent who suggested it would be OK. I accepted it as luck of the draw, and I can now ask about such things from experience for future travel. But my beef, should I make one, was with the hotel.  
If you suggest to me a MArshall amp is what I want to play through and I buy one that turns out to be a lemon, should I blame you?  
I really think you should contact customer relations at QI. I bet it is not too late.

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