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Question about PC Camera

6/11/2004 9:25 AM
John Fisher
Question about PC Camera
I know nothing about those little cheap internet cameras that you can stick on your computer and visually chat with others, But someone gave me this bag of junk and there was this thing in it that looked like a mouse or an electric shaver that hooks up to USB and runs on 5 volts.  
When I plugged it into the USB port, low and behold it installed itself and it was a camera. If I just click on the icon, the thing works and now I can use it in the morning to shave at my computer instead of using a mirror.  
I don't really care about using it for communicating to people on the web but my QUESTION IS: Is it possible to somehow use it to make low quality video files or clips? If so what kind of program would I need to do that or capture the video?  
Thanks for any help!  
John Fisher
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6/11/2004 4:29 PM
Mark Lavelle

If you know the manufacturer of the camera there's a very good chance that you can DL basic recording SW from their web site.
6/11/2004 6:41 PM
John Fisher
Good news
I tried looking for something like that on the web but I couldn't find anything that advanced. Just basic drivers. It's an IBM. Probably kinda old.  
I did borrow some software though from a friend that had a different model and it worked just right!  
John Fisher
6/12/2004 9:52 PM

I don't know if I would change anything if the cam is working good now.  
But the IBM webcams are now handled by Xirlink and Xirlink has the drivers on their website.  
IIRC, there is an IBM Net-Cam as well as IBM PC-Cam driver that will both work, except one of them is limited to less than 640x420 resolution.  
Mine said IBM Net-Cam on the box and the driver plus the IBM video capture application only went up to 320x240.  
Since the IBM PC-Cam seemed to look like the same product just packaged differently, I downloaded those drivers and apps and they seem to have the same 320x240 limit.  
But when you use the cam in a different video capture appication like Live Express, the PC-Cam drivers give you the full 640x420 resolution while the Net-Cam drivers do not.  
If you have not put any of these drivers in you are probably just using some that were already put there in advance by Microsoft, is that windows XP?  
With the webcam and a microphone plugged into the soundcard, you can do face-to-face video communication using Microsoft Netmeeting which most people already have on their PC. It generally takes a while on the phone with the other party to get all the settings figured out, but after that you can easily make video calls over the net or just monitor the remote cam when both are on line at the same time, even with dial-up connections.  
I never tried shaving with mine, I just figured all I would see was a close-up of the whiskers, I don't know how the webcam could cut them as well as an electric razor ;)  

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