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Modding a Rocktek ODR-01 Overdrive Pedal

6/5/2004 5:55 AM
Modding a Rocktek ODR-01 Overdrive Pedal
Hi, I'm new to this forum and decided to ask for some help. I recently purchased a Rocktek ODR pedal for my Marshall Valvestate VS65R Amp because the overdrive channel on the amp is appauling at best...its very muddy and there's more bass than treble even with the bass turned all the way down. Pulling off pinch harmonics etc is a frustrating chore.  
The pedal adds about a third more drive to the amp but I want more (cant afford Mesa, Peavey, Boss etc very very poor uni student lol) basically I wanted to know if its possible to change anything on the pedal PCB that will increase my drive or increase/add distortion. Ideally I'd like to tune an octave lower than standard without a whammy pedal and this means I need more gain/treble/distortion to compensate for being in the tonal world of a bass  
Hope that made sense, any help appreciated.
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